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Lens Close Up

Behind the lense

Blade Bannon began his career as a model.  He started with erotic art shows and was hired for private artist workshops as well as for local colleges. While working with sketch artists, he learned many of the classic body positions and appreciated the connection between the artist and model.  He had a great love for photography and decided to follow his passion.

He started as an assistant for SFBearhunter who was one of the lead photographers for 100% BEEF Magazine. Through his tutelage, Blade was hired for professional photography sessions. He wanted to expand his skills so he returned to college to complete his education in post production editing as well as additional photography classes. He has been working as a professional photographer for over a decade and loves working for the community.

Over the years, he has donated numerous hours to charity as well as many framed pieces for use in auctions. He currently lives in California with his husband Mike.

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