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Built For Pleasure Vol. II

Built for Pleasure Vol. II is a wonderful collection of male erotic art. This hard cover coffee table book by Blade T Bannon presents another view of the many ways men are viewed as attractive. In this volume Blade features five sections highlighting unique moments that capture men in ways that are both epic and riveting. 


Description from the photographer:  

In this book my focus was capturing unique "moments" of pleasure.  

There are five sections featuring these moments.  I endeavored to capture each model in the right place, at the right time. Being fully present in that moment.  The moment when the sensual, intimate and masculine come together to play.

As always, my goal during the photo sessions was capturing each model being them self.  I encouraged them to be real. Some models where playful, cocky or inviting, while others were contemplative and introspective. In doing so, they created a connection that carries across the page.

I was honored to work with them and look forward to doing so again. 

BFP Vol. II  Gallery
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